The Zero-latency, Instantaneous,
Full Featured Mobile Video Stack

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Zero-Latency Playback Of Infinitely Swiped or Scrolled Videos
0 second buffering
Instantaneous Experience Everywhere
On 2G/3G, 4G and 5G
Good signal or poor signal
Refined over several years
Intuitive Multi-part
Recording & Editing
Record multiple segments
Edit videos while recording
Instant Experience
All Around
0 seconds to upload
Videos instantly available
Live Streaming
Low latency live streaming
Live streaming adapts to diverse wireless conditions
Scalable to millions
Re-watch Later
Group Video Calls in HD
Real time HD group calls
2-200 participants
End to end encrypted
High quality, low latency
Battle Tested
Over 2 years for Production Quality Robustness
Solved numerous problems with many devices, operating systems, players, recorders, codecs, processing systems and more to deliver a super-sleek magical experience on all major devices and operating systems in the vast majority of cellular signal conditions
Refined Natively on All Platforms
Web, iOS, Android
AI Engine
State of the Art Deep Learning
Understanding of Videos and Audio
Understand the contents of every video
Understand what people say in every video
Use for intelligent content recommendation, effective ad targeting, effective content discovery and surfacing, global analysis, and many more
AI Engine
Watch in Silent Mode
Latest Deep Learning Auto Subtitles
AI Engine
Instant Content Filtering
Using Latest Deep Learning
Advanced Video Processing
Enhancing Videos Automatically
Compute Saving Techniques
Like client side multi encoding
Codec Adaptability for Higher Quality
H.264 + H.265 Seamless Switching
Admin Interface
View, sort and delete videos
AI content analysis
Apps Administration
Infinitely Scalable
Automatically scales to support from 0 to 50 million daily active users in 5 minutes.
Scales from 0 to 45k req/s in 5 minutes, with no upper bound on scalability.

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